From Petals Party Pieces to Ruby & Fi

/ March 9, 2018

So then here we go, my first blog on my new shiny website. Am I excited? Too right I am?
So people ask me how I got into party planning. 7 years ago shortly after Phoenix turned 1 in 2011 we began getting lots of invites to birthday parties and I noticed that people were still giving out old-fashioned loot bags full of plastic tat and hard sweets, this was hardly suitable for a one-year-old and when I did the math’s I realised parents spent a fortune on party bags and were running about different supermarkets trying to grab a bargain.(or not)

I thought to myself I can do better than this and offer some great alternatives. So then I created a plan literally overnight, set up an account With Netmums, advertised on there I made bespoke party bags and within 24hours I had 2 orders, I still remember to this day my Party Planning first order was a magic show party and I made party cones for a lovely lady called Laura and I gave myself the business name Petals Party Pieces.

Over the last 7 years I have made many party bags, sweetie cones, the odd sweet tree, started offering sweetie buffets at children’s parties and weddings. I always knew I wanted to plan children’s parties but never found that right moment, I guess because there is no such thing as the perfect time. What I wanted was to make things easier for busy parents and actually help people planning their children’s parties that are struggling for time.

Ruby and Fi – Luxury, bespoke children’s birthday party planning

So in June 2017, I put up a request within a Facebook group (got to love Facebook!) that I was looking for people needing help planning their children’s party.
I am so glad I put up that request as I was told not to offer my services for free. I learned such valuable experience from doing this and made me realise how much time is required in party planning. And I thought where are parents and carers finding the time to do this with their busy hectic lifestyles?

I met some parents that disliked party planning to ones that thoroughly enjoyed it. That’s when I was approached by a lady called Rachel. She was in the process of planning her Daughters 7th birthday party in December and the theme they had chosen was Fairy & Unicorn’s, (I did a massive happy dance). Hear all about this in my next blog… ‘When Hetal met Rachel’
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my promo video.
Made by Dawids Jachym – Western Hill Productions

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Hetal Tharanee