Behind the scenes of a party planner… TIME!

/ July 20, 2018

Being a party planner is very exhausting! However I absolutely love doing it. I find it fun, stress free and enjoyable so for me its so worth it all. Meeting new people and seeing the look on the birthday boy/girls face on the day is just the best feeling.

From the minute you make your initial enquiry, I take on board all the things you want. Along with the things you don’t want! I love spending time creating you a full proposal of your event.

This means making enquires with certain vendors, some get back to and some may not get back to me, so its back to the drawing board.

Hours and hours sourcing materials, making a rough plan of how your celebration will look on the day and where am I going to source the best possible décor items. Lets face it I do not have everything under the sun, I wish I did however in reality us party planners don’t.

As well as this party planners look for unique items and ideas.

When it comes to speaking to vendors is the date available? What does their service entail? Do they have the correct insurance policies? What do the reviews say about them? These are all the things that are ironed out before making a decision to use them and presenting them to you.

Do I go with the cheapest party planner?

No definitely not, I really do believe in you get what you pay for. For me their reliability, attention to detail and communication is key.

As a party planner most of my charges equals to my TIME

  • My time in sitting down drawing up plans and ideas
  • My time in working out how I will I achieve those ‘wants’
  • My time driving numerous times to wholesalers and shops.
  • My time in checking all items are flawless
  • My time making bespoke décor, this includes lots of cutting, sticking, measuring and starting all over again as it may not look right, or the size isn’t correct.
  • My time buying the materials.
  • My time packing boxes for your event.
  • My time loading the car and making numerous trips to the venue.
  • My time liaising with vendors.
  • My time ordering stock.
  • My time doing mock set ups making sure its correct on the day.
  • My time making payments to vendors.
  • My time washing items for example chair covers.
  • My time searching the net for the best décor for your event.
  • My time driving to the venue, completing a site visit, liaising with the staff at the venue.
  • My time searching for the right cake maker, entertainer for you.

The list goes on.

Why do I spend so much time on your celebration? Because I think you deserve the best! Furthermore, I want your celebration to be exceptional.

Thanks for reading,

Hetal Tharanee