Easy quick party additions that won’t break the bank

/ October 15, 2018

As parents, we are forever thinking of fun ideas to keep children (and adults) entertained throughout a party. So you have booked the cake, either a bouncy castle, an entertainer or soft play but looking for a few more ways to keep the kids entertained.

Here are my top 5 party activities to get kids involved, have fun and won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

Glitter tattoos

Easy and quick party additions that won’t break the bankMy favourite, these are non-invasive, plenty of designs to choose from and suitable for boys and girls.

You can buy your own kit, get a few adult volunteers and set a table up.

Kits can be purchased from as little as £10 and they come with all the things you need.

Please do your research and buy from a reputable UK based brand so you know what you are buying.

Craft table

Easy and quick party additions that won’t break the bankAgain you can’t go wrong with a craft table, easy set up grab a few baskets, a wipe clean tablecloth – choose a colour to match the overall theme, buy plenty of glue sticks (prit stick style) not the runny ones as they are a nightmare and get everywhere and when sticking everything splodges everywhere. Colouring pencils – buy new packs, pom poms, diamontes, feathers, etc.

Pick a certain activity – decorating wooden pegs is a great one. I did this for my daughter’s 3rd fairy party.

Decorate a jar – children can then reuse this, use it as a pen pot, toothbrush holder or make it into a fairy garden and put their peg doll in there.

Cupcake / Biscuit decorating

Easy and quick party additions that won’t break the bankBuy some ready-made plain fairy cakes or biscuits by some icing pens, sprinkles, sweets, and any other edible things.

Easy peasy, buy some platters, to make them look nice on the table.

Your can pick up everything you need from your local supermarket.

Photo booth

Easy and quick party additions that won’t break the bankI have always done Photobooth tables at parties, they are fun, everyone gets involved, you can add as much or as little as you like.

Amazon have some great cardboard props and one that suit all themes too.

Try charity shops too to gather some nostalgic items to add to the collection.

Treasure bucket

Easy and quick party additions that won’t break the bankThese are so much fun, you can match them to the theme of the party or just go all out with a pick n mix treasure bucket.

The aim of the game is to dig out some ‘treasure’ of of the bucket.

This can be filled with rainbow coloured rice, water balls, cereals, dry pasta, cooked spaghetti.

Or even jelly if you want to get super messy, plus a fab one for Halloween parties.

Thanks for reading,

Hetal Tharanee